In modern decorative colours, few people are aware of the possible negative and health effects of colours.  Although research as early as 1936 proofed that light reflection value is an indication of the possible negative effects of high light reflection, it was ignored by the commercial market. Scientists have made substantial progress understanding the human being’s reaction to light, and with an objective overview that light affects humans in a variety of ways. 

COLOUR IN LIFE acknowledge the role of light reflection in the creation of a relaxed environment where any influence or any colour may cause tension caused by the psychological effect of colour and its reflection into the eye and cause the eye muscles to stress and forming excess CORTISOL. 

Our present decorative environment is unfortunately influenced by social accepted values’ ignoring the possible health influences of the ever- present light reflection influences. 

COURSE 3 is an eye-opener to the decorative design community. Our environment is not stress-free anymore and designers should guide people in the acceptance of using healthy colours in their living environment.  

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