COLOUR IN LIFE will educate you in that although we all share the same type of visual apparatus, we do not all see the same colours in the same way, because we all have different visual experiences in our backgrounds. Your cumulative background of visual experiences determines what you see and understand. 

What you’ll learn from these MINI E-BOOKS

A step by step learning decorative colour’s role in design.

The control of decorative colour use in the living spaces.

Understanding the characteristics of colours.

Understanding of the effects of colour, visually, psychologically and symbolic.

Learning a colour vocabulary.

Don’t rely on formulated colour palettes.

Relying on your colour knowledge and avoiding the use of commercial aids.

A guide to Decorative Colour use and understanding consisting out of 6 compact mini-book Colour design E-books:


  • DIY’ers
  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Interior Design Students
  • Interior Design Educators