In our everyday life Decorative Colour Design has become an important influence on our lifestyle. People search for beacons by which to orient their life experiences and ever -changing lifestyles. They become part of social groups and at the same time want to express their individuality.  

They try to compartmentalise their living environment and assign different moods to designate times and special places. 

COLOUR IN LIFE acknowledge the natural, everyday experience that we seldom, if ever, think about why and how we “see” colour. Unfortunately, this results in the way we are influenced to rely on outside inputs on colour use. 

Course 2 is the foundation of decorative colour design, the contents no designer can operate without. It is an important source of colour information and colour’s influences on the human body. It emphasizes the influences of colour deciding factors, supporting the success of any design process. 

The PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOUR characteristics table is only a guideline because of the complexity of colours. It is impossible to compile a general influence of PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOUR, because colour has Physical, Chemical, Biological, Optical and Neurological aspects.

People should bear in mind that colour refers to sensation, a subjective experience.

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