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Throughout history, our attitude towards colour, whether personal or professional, have been shaped by prevailing tastes and norms as designed by the commercial market, ignoring the science of colour. 

COLOURINLIFE support the science of colour in this course: “THE ANATOMY OF COLOUR”. Colour is a science and is rather complicated with not only positive and negative influences but can also affect your health. 

Our present relationship with decorative colour is unfortunately dominated by the social trend of colour use. However, the important acknowledgement of colour’s health influences is creating a new approach to colour use where colour use has become aware of the crucial role a healthy colour can play on the human being through all stages of life. 

 However, to be able to decide on decorative colours in your living environment, it is essential to have a basic knowledge of the theory of colour. There is much more to colour than a colour sample, beautiful colour palettes, exterior advice from decorators, architects, and magazines. 
They approach colour as having only a decorative function or they assume that TRENDS are justification enough for creating satisfying living environments. This first course is a basic introduction to understand what is colour, why and how its influences have different effects on different people. 
Throughout our evolutionary development, we have inherited reactions to colour that we cannot control, that we cannot objectively explain and that we cannot escape and ignore. 
It is wrongly assumed that as long as an architectural space is aesthetically pleasing, it satisfies the needs and function of the environment.

Had architects and designers adhered to recommended light-reflection levels of walls, the use of white and off-white “colours” and their negative health influences might never have come about. 

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